UNEXPO 2023 Henry Gitner

Welcome to the United Nations Philatelists Inc.

The United Nations Philatelists, Inc. is an organization of philatelists devoted to the collection, study and exhibition of the issues of the United Nations Postal Administration, the postal history of the United Nations, the issues and postal history of its branches, specialized agencies and forerunners, as well as the world-wide topical issues that call attention to the United Nations, its agencies and programs.

In support of these activities UNPI issues a bi-monthly journal "The Journal of United Nations Philatelists", which is typically twenty-four pages long and keeps members informed about United Nations philately, including club activities and meetings, on-going research in and new items of philatelic interest to United Nations Philatelists.

The UNPI held its Annual Meeting at Philatelic Show 2022.

Talks from the show:
The United Nations Before There Was a United Nations (PDF)   by Jeff Shapiro
The Making of the UN Headquarters (PDF)   by Greg Galletti
An Overview of UN Sponsored Post WWII Displaced Persons Camps (PDF)   by Jeff Shapiro
Rating "Domestic" United Nations New York (UNNY) Postal History (PDF)   by Larry Fillion
Elaine E. Campbell at UN Conference on International Organization (PDF)   by Blanton Clement, Jr.

The Journal - Table of Contents for the current issue:
Volume 46, Number 6, December 2022, Whole Number 271
Article Title
UNP EXPO 20231
Journal Articles1
Possible Future Articles2
Program of Issues, 20233
Crypto Stamps II4
70th Anniversary of Guided Tours5
Revalued Postal Stationery6
LON and UN Associations, Addendum 1 By B. Clement, Jr.7
UN Trade Conference, Havana 1947-48 By B. Clement, Jr.11
WHO Fights Onchocerciasis By B. Clement.15
WHO Fights Smallpox By B. Clement.16
1996 Geneva SS, Missing Color Error By Bob Snyder.17
Reply Post Cards, Addendum 1.18
2022 Journal Index22
Cover Illustrations
World Humanitarian Day, New York, 2022Front cover
World Humanitarian Day, Geneva and Vienna, 2022Rear cover