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Any member (US, Canadian & International) with Internet access can choose Electronic only (no printed Journal). You must provide valid e-mail address above to do so.

*If joining after July 1, you may choose to join for 18 or 30 months.
*If paying online through PayPal, $1 - 7$ is added to cover PayPal fees - prices in red.

One year: Electronic Only dues $18 ($19) 18 months: Electronic Only dues $27 ($29)
One year: US dues are $28 ($30) 18 months: US dues are $42 ($44)
One year: Canada dues are $35 ($37) 18 months: Canada dues are $52.50 ($56)
One year: Foreign dues are $50 ($52) 18 months: Foreign dues are $75 ($79)

Two years: Electronic Only dues $36 ($38) 30 months: Electronic Only dues are $45 ($47)
Two years: US dues are $56 ($59) 30 months: US dues are $70 ($73)
Two years: Canada dues are $70 ($73) 30 months: Canada dues are $87.50 ($91.50)
Two years: Foreign dues are $100 ($105) 30 months: Foreign dues are $125 ($131)

Three years: Electronic Only dues $54 ($56)
Three years: US dues are $84 ($88)
Three years: Canada dues are $105 ($110)
Three years: Foreign dues are $150 ($157)

Send application and payment (Make payable to "UNPI") to:

Chris Dahle
1401 Linmar Dr NE
Cedar Rapids IA 52402