United Nations Conference Stamp Listing

Year First Day Country Scott # Agency Conference Conference Dates Conference City
197021-Jan India508 ITU11th Plenary Assembly, CCIR21 Jan-11 Feb 1970New Delhi
19706-Apr Finland493 UNESCOSymposium on "Lenin and the Development of Science, Culture and Education"6-10 Apr 1970Tampere
197015-Jul Finland494 IAEANuclear Data Conference15-19 Jun 1970Helsinki
197017-Aug Japan1040 UN4th UN Congress on the Prevention of Crime and Treatment of Offenders17-26 Aug 1970Kyoto
197012-Sep Pakistan296 FAO10th FAO Regional Conference for the Near East12-22 Sep 1972Islamabad
197021-Sep Hungary2035 FAO7th FAO Regional Conference for Europe21-26 Sep 1970Budapest
197023-Nov Philippines1078 UPUUPU-AOPU Regional Seminar23 Nov-5 Dec 1970Manila
197111-Feb Chile400,C310 UNICEFUNICEF Executive Committee20-31 May 1969Santiago
197111-Mar Switzerland529 ITUWorld Administrative Conference on Space Telecommunications7 Jun-17 Jul 1971Geneva
197126-Jun Afghanistan846-7 UNESCOInternational Kouchani SeminarKabul
19714-Dec Iran1635 ILO7th ILO Asian Regional Conference4-15 Dec 1971Teheran
197228-Jan Ethiopia609-612 UNSecurity Council Session28 Jan-4 Feb 1972Addis Ababa
197213-Apr Chile418-421 UNCTAD3rd UNCTAD13 Apr-19 May 1972Santiago
19725-Jun Sweden933-935 UNUN Conference on Human Environment5-12 Jun 1972Stockholm
19729-Sep Kuwait557-559 FAO11th FAO Regional Conference for the Near East9-19 Sep 1972Kuwait
197214-Sep Denmark508 WHO22nd Meeting, WHO Regional Committee for Europe18-22 Sep 1972Copenhagen
19723-Oct MexicoC406 IAEA16th IAEA Conference26 Sep-3 Oct 1972Mexico City
197214-Oct Argentina978 FAO7th World Forestry Congress4-18 Oct 1972Buenos Aires
197224-Oct Egypt925 WHO14th Regional Tuberculosis ConferenceCairo
19721-Nov Ethiopia637-639 UNSecurity Council Session28 Jan-4 Feb 1972Addis Ababa
197316-Mar Panama541-543, C402 UNSecurity Council Session15-21 Mar 1973Panama City
197315-May Philippines1191-1194 UNESCO1st Third World Theater Festival19-30 Nov 1971Manila
197314-Sep Spain1772 ITUITU Plenipotentiary Conference14 Sep-26 Oct 1973Torremolinos
197324-Sep Kenya, Tanzania & Uganda267-270, 270a World Bank IMF28th World Bank IMF Annual Meetings24-28 Sep 1973Nairobi
197428-Mar Switzerland589-590 UPU17th Universal Postal Congress22 May-4 Jul 1974Lausanne
197415-Jun Bulgaria2192 UNESCO94th UNESCO Executive Board Session27-28 Jun 1974Varna
197420-Jun Venezuela1062-1065 UN3rd UN Conference on the Law of the Sea20 Jun-29 Aug 1974Caracas
197425-Jun Romania2502, Stamped envelope UNWorld Population Conference19-30 Aug 1974Bucharest
1974 EcuadorSS ITUSeminar on Rural TelecommunicationsQuito
197423-Oct Mauritius408 FAO8th FAO Regional Conference for Africa1-17 Aug 1974Rose Hill
197512-Mar PeruC419 UNIDO2nd UNIDO General Conference12-26 Mar 1975Lima
197512-May Spain1887 UNWTO1st General Assembly, World Tourism OrganizationMay 1975Madrid
197519-Jun MexicoC465 UNInternational Conference for International Women's Year19 Jun-2 Jul 1975Mexico City
197524-Oct Egypt993 WHOInternational Conference on Schistomiasis18-25 Oct 1975Cairo
19766-Jan Senegal418 UNInternational Conference on Human Rights and Namibia5-8 Jan 1976Dakar
197612-May Canada690 UNUN Conference on Human Settlements31 May-11 Jun 1976Vancouver
197621-Sep Brazil1475 IAEA20th IAEA General Conference21-27 Sep 1976Rio de Janeiro
19764-Oct Philippines1301-1302 World Bank IMF31st World Bank IMF Annual Meetings4-8 Oct 1976Manila
197719-Mar Argentina1142 UNUN Water Conference14-25 Mar 1977Mar del Plata
197728-Sep Czechoslovakia2135 UNESCOCongress of International Music CouncilPrague & Bratislava
197729-Nov Monaco1089 UNEPUN Mediterranean Environmental Protection Group29 Nov-6 Dec 1977Monte Carlo
19786-Mar GermanyPostal Card UNUN Conference on the Carriage of Goods by Sea6-31 Mar 1978Hamburg
19782-Sep Argentina1194 UNUN Conference on Technical Cooperation Among Developing Countries30 Aug-12 Sep 1978Buenos Aires
19786-Sep RussiaStamped envelope WHO/ UNICEFInternational Conference on Primary Health Care6-12 Sep 1978Alma-Ata
197816-Oct Indonesia1029-1030 FAO8th World Forestry Congress16-28 Oct 1978Djakarta
197821-Oct Brazil1582-1587 UPU18th Universal Postal Congress12 Sep-26 Oct 1979Rio de Janeiro
197920-Mar Brazil1602-1607 UPU18th Universal Postal Congress12 Sep-26 Oct 1979Rio de Janeiro
197918-Apr Netherlands Antilles437-439, 439a WHO12th Inter-American Meeting at the Ministerial Level on Foot and Mouth Disease and Zoonosis Control17-20 Apr 1979Curacao
19793-May Philippines1401-1402 UNCTAD5th UNCTAD7 May-1 Jun 1979Manila
19795-Jun Brazil1613-1615 UPU18th Universal Postal Congress12 Sep-26 Oct 1979Rio de Janeiro
197920-Aug Austria1128 UNUN Conference on Science and Technology for Development20-31 Aug 1979Vienna
197912-Sep Brazil1627-1631 UPU18th Universal Postal Congress12 Sep-26 Oct 1979Rio de Janeiro
19791-Oct Yugoslavia1441-1442 World Bank IMF34th World Bank IMF Annual Meetings2-5 Oct 1979Belgrade
197928-Aug Sri Lanka560 UNFPAInternational Conference of Parlimentarians on Population and Development28 Aug-1 Sep 1979Colombo
19794-Dec India833 IAEA23rd IAEA General Conference4-10 Dec 1979New Delhi
197911-Dec Bolivia648 ECLA18th Session, Economic Commission for Latin America18-26 Apr 1979La Paz