United Nations Conference Stamp Listing

This project attempts to list all stamps and postal stationary issued to honor Conferences and Meetings of the United Nations, its Agencies, and its Predecessor Organizations by the Country in which the Conference was held. Predecessor Organizations include the League of Nations, the Universal Postal Union, the International Labor Organization, and the International Telecommunications Union.

This listing which follows is certainly not complete, and your assistance is requested in filling the gaps and keeping the listing up to date as new issues occur. The current listing is by Scott Catalog number, but other Catalog numbers could be added if there was a interest and you assist in providing that information.

Some stamp images are provided and others will be added. If you would like to provide color images of any of these stamps, they would be most welcome

Send additions and corrections to me at bclemjunior@gmail.com..

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Year First Day Country Scott # Agency Conference Conference Dates Conference City
18975-May United StatesSpecimen stamps, envelopes, cards UPU5th Universal Postal Congress5 May-15 Jun 1897Washington
19201-Oct Spain318-330 UPU7th Universal Postal Congress1 Oct-30 Nov 1920Madrid
19244-Jul Sweden197-212 UPU8th Universal Postal Congress4 Jul-28 Aug 1924Stockholm
192710-Oct Germany363-365 ILO37th Session of ILO Governing Body11-14 Oct 1927Berlin
192910-May United Kingdom205-209 UPU9th Universal Postal Congress10 May-28 Jun 1929London
192910-Jun Spain358-370 LON55th Session, League of Nations Council8-15 Jun 1929Madrid