UN Conference Catalog

This is a comprehensive Catalog of the Postal History of Conferences and Meetings of the United Nations, its Agencies, and its Predecessors. The Catalog lists stamps of host countries honoring these conferences, and postmarks, stamped cachets, receiving marks, dispatching marks, meters, registry and insured labels, corner cards, mailing labels, mailing tags, cinderella labels and official post cards. Other related material such as ID and admission cards, tickets, phone cards, commercial post cards, etc. are shown, but not comprehensively. Chapters will be revised as new or better information is obtained. When a page is revised, the revision date is given in the bottom header. Catalog prices are given. More detailed information will be found in the Introduction.

Initially this Catalog is being published electronically. It will be accessible on the UNPI website. Publishing a hard copy would be expensive, since the catalog is lengthly and in color. If there is interest, perhaps it could be published by the chapter. I would like to have your input on this.

Readers are encouraged to provide information and images that might improve the catalog and make it more complete. Also comments on Catalog layout would be welcome. Contributions will be acknowledged in the catalog. The following links connect with the listings for specific organization conferences:

Introduction- Intro

League of Nations - LON

United Nations Part 1 (Founding, General Assembly, etc) - UN1

United Nations Part 2 (UN Conferences 1946-81) - UN2

United Nations Part 3 (UN Conferences 1981-date) - UN3

Economic Commissions - EC

Food and Agriculture Organization - FAO

International Atomic Energy Agency - IAEA

International Bureau of Education - IBE

International Civil Aviation Organization - ICAO

International Court of Justice & PCIJ - ICJ

International Labor Organization - ILO

International Maritime Organization & IMCO- IMO

International Telecommunications Union - ITU

UN Conference for Trade & Development - UNCTAD

UN Commission for Human Settlements - UNCHS

UN Development Programme - UNDP

UN Environment Programme & Environmental Convention Meetings - UNEP

UN Educational, Scientific & Cultural Organization - UNESCO

UN Industrial Development Organization - UNIDO

UN Children's Fund - UNICEF

UN Relief & Rehabilitation Administration & International Refugee Organization - UNRRA

UPU-Congresses 1874-1984 - UPU1

UPU-Congresses 1989-date, Executive Council - UPU2

UPU-Postal Council, Other Conferences - UPU3

World Bank & International Monetary Fund - WorldBank

World Heath Organization - WHO

World Intellectual Property Organization - WIPO

World Meteorological Organization - WMO

World Tourism Organization - UNWTO

World Trade Organization and GATT - WTO&GATT

Index - Index