U.N. Abbreviations - A

Abbreviations and Acronyms used on Origin Cachets, Bar Codes, Conference Cancels and Cachets, etc.-

Where used: UNNY-UN New York OC-Origin Cachet Language: Eng.-English Gr.-German
UNG-UN Geneva BC-Bar Code Fr.-French Sp.-Spanish
CC-Corner Card RM-Receiving Mark It.-Italian Por.-Portugese
DM-Dispatching Mark UNV-UN Vienna Sw.-Swedish
LON-League of Nations FF-Free Frank
CON-Conference Cancel or Cachet, etc.

Abbreviation Where Used Language Meaning Image
A36ICAO CON Fr. 36th Assembly, ICAO, Montreal, 2007 
AATUN FF Sp. Technical Assistance Administration 
A.A.U.N.UN Eng. American Association for the United Nations, Inc. (NGO) 
ACABQUN Eng. Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions 
ACCUN Eng. Advisory Committee on Coordination (1946-2001) 
ACCISUNG OC Eng. Advisory Committee for Coordination of Information Systems 
ACOPAMILO CC Fr. Organizational and Co-operative Support to Grassroots Initiatives 
ACPPDUN CON Eng. Asian Conference of Parlimentarians on Population and Development 
ACTWHO OC Eng. Accounts 
ADM.LON OC Fr. Director in Charge of Internal Administration 
 UNG OC Fr. Administrative Section 
AF-ACILO CON Eng. African Advisory Committee 
AFCACICAO OC Eng. African Civil Aviation Commission 
Aff. Gen.LON OC Fr. General Affairs 
AFIICAO CON Eng. African Indian Region 
AGPE: IBPGRFAO OC Eng. Agricultural ??: International Board for Plant Genetic Resources 
AGRHYMETUNDP/WMO CC Fr. Regional Center of Training and Application of Agrometeorology and Operational Hydrology 
AGRISFAO OC Eng. FAO Agricultural Section, Vienna 
AIEAIAEA CON Fr., It. International Atomic Energy Agency 
AISSILO CON Fr. International Social Security Association 
ALAT.LON OC Fr. Latin American Bureau 
ALGILO OC Eng. Algeria 
AM-ACILO CON Eng. Interamerican Advisory Committee 
AMPWHO OC Eng. Division of Administrative Management and Personnel 
AMSUN BC Eng. Administrative Management Service 
ANSConfICAO CON Eng. Air Navigation Services Conference 
AOPUUPU CON Eng. Asian-Pacific Postal Union 
APANFAO CC Eng. Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Network 
APFIDGFAO CC Eng. Asia Pacific Forest Industries Development Group 
APRONUCUN OC Fr. Provisional Authority of the United Nations in Cambodia (1992-93) 
ARTEPILO OC Eng. Asian Regional Project for Employment Promotion 
ASP/TCDITU OC Eng. Asia-Pacific/Technical Cooperation Dept. 
ASTAOUNNY OC Eng. ??? Technical Assistance Operations 
A.&T.UNG OC Fr. Purchasing & Transport (Achats et Transports) 
A.T.ICAO OC Fr. Technical Assistance 
ATOMUNG OC Fr. IAEA Preparatory Commission 
AUSLOGUN Eng. Austrian Logistics Contingent (UNIKOM) 

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