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Volume 42, Number 6, December 2017, Whole Number 241
Article Title
UNExpo 17 by Greg. Galletti & Clem Clement1
Other UNExpo 17 Photos4
UNEXPO 17 Awards5
Richard Powers Lifetime Achievement Awards6
New Secretary Jim Matyasovich6
Earlier Exhibition Awards6
2018 UNPA Stamp Program6
The Leticia Incident, Part 4 by Fran Adams7
UNP Special Auction #46 Report11
UNP Special Auction #47 Report11
Making of UN Headquarters, Eighth Edition by Greg Galletti11
UNESCO’s First Project-The Nubian Monuments by Caroline Scannell14
World Food Day18
UNExpo 17 Mini Sheet19
Eleanor Roosevelt Talk by Chris Dahle19
71e Salon Philatélique d'Automne- Special Mini-Sheet20
UNPI Treasurer’s Report by Chris Dahle21
Index, Volume 41 (2017)22
Cover Illustrations
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Minisheet Issued at UNEXPO17, October 27, 2017Front cover
World Food Day, UN-Vienna Stamps Issued October 16, 2017Rear cover

Volume 42, Number 5, October 2017, Whole Number 240
Article Title
Greetings from UNEXPO 17 Chairman1
UNEXPO 17 Program 2
UNEXPO 17 Exhibition-Competitive Exhibits3
UNEXPO 17 Exhibition-Court of Honor4
UNEXPO 17 Dealers4
Seventy Years of the UN Headquarters Complex, 1947-2017, by Daniel Piazza5
Special Exhibit by David Weiman5
Collecting the Road to International Organization, By Fran Adams6
Collecting League of Nations Stamps & Postmarks, By Greg Galletti7
Collecting Special Cancels of the League of Nations Assembly, Council & Conferences, By Greg Galletti8
Collecting UN First Issue, By B. Clement9
Collecting UN Precancel Stamp of 1952, By Anthony F. Dewey10
Collecting United Nations Errors, by Greg Galletti11
Collecting UN Postal Stationery, by Larry Davidson12
Collecting UPU Topical Stamps, by Bill Ingram13
Collecting Human Rights, by Chris Dahle14
Collecting UPU Congress Postal History, by B. Clement15
Collecting UN Personalities on Stamps & Postal History by B. Clement16
Collecting UN Ephemera, by Greg Galletti17
Collecting UN Conference Cinderellas, By B. Clement18
Collecting UN Holiday Cards By Fran Adams19
UNPI Public Auction #220
Cover Illustrations
Logo for UNExpo 17Front cover
UNExpo 17 Exhibiting Awards, Medals and RibbonsRear cover

Volume 42, Number 4, August 2017, Whole Number 239
Article Title
UN EXPO '19 Update1
Call for Journal Articles1
International Day of Yoga2
World Environment Day.2
The Leticia Incident, Part 3, by Fran Adams3
UNICEF Sc. #99 with Missing Gold7
UN Centre for Human Settlements, by Hartmut Hauptmann9
Another UN Day Postmark at World Stamp Show 2016 By B. Clement, Jr.11
The United Nations Headquarters Exhibit, 7th Edition By Greg Galletti11
UN Centre for Human Settlements, continued14
UNPI Special Auction #45, Report20
UNPI Special Auction #4721
Cover Illustrations
International Day of Yoga Special Event Sheet, Issued June 21, 2017Front cover
World Environment Day, UN-Geneva and UN-Vienna Stamps. Issued June 5, 2017Rear cover

Volume 42, Number 3, June 2017, Whole Number 238
Article Title
UN EXPO '19 Update1
International Day of Happiness, "The Smurfs2
2017 Endangered Species2
Club News2
Greetings from Reno, by Greg Galletti3
AmeriStamp Reno Exhibit Team Winners, Title Pages5
AmeriStamp Reno, Other Exhibit Winners6
St. Louis Stamp Expo Exhibit Winner6
Dr. John D. Long, Travelling Representative of Pan American Sanitary Office, By B. Clement, Jr.7
The America Philatelic Research Library, United NationsHoldings, By Greg Galletti10
The United Nations Headquarters Exhibit, Sixth Edition By Greg Galletti11
The Leticia Incident, Part 2, by Fran Adams14
International Lead and Tin Study Group, By B. Clement, Jr.18
12th Pan American Sanitary Conference, Caracas, 1947,Addendum, By B. Clement, Jr.20
UNPI Special Auction #44, Report20
UNPI Special Auction #4621
Cover Illustrations
2017 Endangered Species Stamps Issued May 11, 2017Front cover
"Smurf" International Day of Happiness Special Event Sheets issued March 20, 2017Rear cover

Volume 42, Number 2, April 2017, Whole Number 237
Article Title
UN EXPO '191
Exhibition Awards1
UNPA Mini-Sheet for Melbourne 20171
2017 UN Stamp Program2
International Dances3
The Leticia Incident, Part 1, By Fran Adams5
UN Commission on the Status of Women, By B. Clement, Jr.9
FAO International Timber Conference, 1947, By B. Clement, Jr.10
US Delegation to UNCIO, 1945, Addendum, By B. Clement, Jr.1
The United Nations Headquarters Exhibit, By Greg Galletti11
Topical Collecting - Year in Review 2016, By Bill Ingram14
Cinderellas used for the 1932 Disarmament Conference, By B. Clement, Jr.20
World Tourism Organization Update, IUOTO Discovery, By B. Clement, Jr.21
UNPI Special Auction #4522
Cover Illustrations
Minisheet for 34th Asian International Exhibi-tion, Melbourne, AustraliaFront cover
2016 UN Stamp Program, Final Listing with Scott Catalog NumbersRear cover

Volume 41, Number 1, February 2017, Whole Number 236
Article Title
UN EXPO ‘17, by Greg Galletti1
UN Stamp Expo ‘91 Pictures1
UNPA Issues2
UN Flag Stamps for 20173
International Social Security Association (ISSA) By B. Clement, Jr.4
United Nations Services Tea Part (1943) By Fran Adams8
UNPI Special Auction #43 Report9
8th Assembly, League of Nations, 1927, Delegation Covers, By B. Clement, Jr.10
The United Nations Headquarters ExhibitBy Greg Galletti10
League of Nations & United Nations Associations Addenda 1, By B. Clement, Jr.14
Geneva Postcards about WIPO Meetings, 1986, 1990 And 1997, By B. Clement, Jr.19
UNPI Special Auction #4422
Cover Illustrations
Monkey King Mini-Sheet, 33rd Asian Interna-tional Exhibition at Nanning, ChinaFront cover
UN-Vienna Special Event Sheet, 20th Anniver-sary, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
UN-New York Personalized Sheet, Lunar Year of the Rooster
Rear cover

Volume 40, Number 6, December 2016, Whole Number 235
Article Title
UN EXPO '17, by Greg Galletti1
UN Exhibition Results1
Journal Support Proposal2
2017 United Nations Stamp Program2
UN Day-Sustainable Development Goals2
World Heritage-Czech Republic3
Eye on Africa-CITES CoP17, World Wildlife Conference5
M.S. Subbulakshmi Special Event Sheet6
World Post Day6
World Post Day in New York, by Caroline Scannell7
Chilean and Turkish Delegates to UNCIO, by Fran Adams9
UN Special Auction #42 Report11
Making of UN Permanent Headquarters, by Greg Galletti11
League of Nations & UN Associations, Part 5. UNICEF National Committees, by B. Clement, Jr14
1919 Peace Conference with Bulgaria, Neuilly-sur-Seine, By B. Clement, Jr18
Universal Postal Congress Cancels on Incoming Mail, By B. Clement, Jr
UNESCO Conference on the Application of Science & Technology to the Development of Asia, By B. Clement, Jr.21
Index, Volume 40 (2016)22
Cover Illustrations
UN NY Sheet-Sustainable Development GoalsFront cover
Special Event Sheet Honoring M.S. SubbulakshmiRear cover

Volume 40, Number 5, October 2016, Whole Number 234
Article Title
President’s Message, by Greg Galletti1
Dick Powers Service Award, by Greg Galletti1
Call for Journal Support1
2016 UN Stamp Program2
Sports for Peace Stamps3
Asian Stamp Exhibit Special Sheet4
United Nations Service Center, by Fran Adams5
LON and UN Associations, Part 4, UNESCO National Commissions, Clubs & Associations, by B. Clement, Jr.6
UNP Public Auction #1 Report11
Making of UN Permanent Headquarters, Page 2 By Greg Galletti11
US Delegation to UNCIO, by B. Clement, Jr.14
IRC’s Used at Conferences of the UN & its Agencies, Addendum 3, by B. Clement, Jr.20
Update on Pneumatic Mail from Paris General Assemblies, by Greg Galletti21
12th Pan American Sanitary Congress by B. Clement, Jr.12
UNP Special Auction #4323
Cover Illustrations
Antigua & Barbuda Stamps Showing Delegates to 1945 San Francisco ConferenceFront cover
Netherlands New Official Stamps for Use by the ICJ, Commemorating 70th Anniversary of ICJRear cover

Volume 40, Number 4, August 2016, Whole Number 233
Article Title
Club News1
Exhibit Awards1
Treasurer’s Report2
Election Results2
NY2016, by Greg Galletti3
65th Anniversary of UNPA Personalized Sheet6
Richard Powers Award, by Greg Galletti7
50th Anniversary of UNIDO Personalized Sheet8
International Day of UN Peacekeepers9
2016 UN Stamp Program10
UNP Special Auction #41 Report11
Making of UN Permanent Headquarters Exhibit By Greg Galletti11
Roosevelt and Churchill at Newfoundland, Part 6, by Fran Adams14
League of Nations & United Nations Associations, Part 3, by B. Clement, Jr16
Permanent Court of International Justice: UPU Presentation Cards, by Mark Corrinet19
UNP Special Auction #4222
Cover Illustrations
UN Day Postmark at WSS NY2016Front cover
UNP Group Tours UN, Photos supplied By Eric DyckRear cover

Volume 40, Number 3, June 2016, Whole Number 232
Article Title
Club News1
Membership Report1
2016 UN Stamp Program2
Angry Birds Personalized Event Sheet3
International Dance Day4
Roosevelt and Churchill at Newfoundland, Part 5, by Fran Adams5
League of Nations & United Nations Associations, Part 2, by B. Clement, Jr..7
Discovery- Corner Card Cover from CCIR, Lisbon, 1934, by B. Clement, Jr.15
Discovery-Cover from pre-WIPO Conference, Rome, 1961, by B. Clement, Jr.15
Discovery-Post Card from CCIT, Berlin, 1929 By B. Clement, Jr.16
Discovery-Cover from CCIF, London, 1945 By B. Clement, Jr.16
Census of UNCIO-San Francisco 1945 Outgoing Covers, By B. Clement & Fran Adams.17
UNP Special Auction #40 Report20
UNP Public Auction #121
Cover Illustrations
UN NY, International Dance DayFront cover
UN Geneva and UN Vienna, International Dance DayRear cover