U.N. Abbreviations - I

Abbreviations and Acronyms used on Origin Cachets, Bar Codes, Conference Cancels and Cachets, etc.-

Where used: UNNY-UN New York OC-Origin Cachet Language: Eng.-English Gr.-German
UNG-UN Geneva BC-Bar Code Fr.-French Sp.-Spanish
CC-Corner Card RM-Receiving Mark It.-Italian Por.-Portugese
DM-Dispatching Mark UNV-UN Vienna Sw.-Swedish
LON-League of Nations FF-Free Frank
CON-Conference Cancel or Cachet, etc.

Abbreviation Where Used Language Meaning Image
IAAUNG OC Eng. Inter-Agency Affairs 
 ILO CON Gr. International Labor Organization 
IACSDUN Eng. Inter-Agency Committee for Sustainable Development 
IADUN BC Eng. Internal Audit Div. 
IAEAUNG OC Eng. International Atomic Energy Agency 
 IAEA OC Eng. International Atomic Energy Agency 
 UN BC Eng. International Atomic Energy Agency 
 IAEA CON Eng. International Atomic Energy Agency 
IAEOUN CON Gr. International Atomic Energy Agency 
IAMUNG OC Eng UNITAR International Affairs Management 
IAPSOUN OC Eng. Inter-Agency Procurement Services Office 
IAPSUUNG OC Eng. Inter-Agency Procurement Services Unit 
 UN BC Eng. Inter-Agency Procurement Services Unit 
IARCWHO Eng. International Agency for Research on Cancer 
IATAUPU CON Eng. International Air Transport Association 
I.B.D.UNG OC Eng. International Bureau for the Declaration of Death 
IBPUNESCO CON Eng. International Biological Programme 
IBRDUN BC Eng. World Bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) 
 IBRD CON Eng. World Bank 
ICAOUN BC Eng. International Civil Aviation Organization 
 ICAO OC Eng. International Civil Aviation Organization 
 ICAO CON Eng. International Civil Aviation Organization 
ICAO/SFICAO OC Eng. ICAO Special Fund 
ICAOTAMICAO OC, DM Eng ICAO Technical Assistance Mission 
ICARA IIUN CON Eng. 2nd International Conf. on Assistance to Refugees in Africa(1984) 
ICCUNG OC Eng. UN International Computing Centre 
ICDAITUN CON Eng. International Conf. on Drug Abuse & Illicit Trafficking (1987) 
ICEM(IRO) Fr. Intergovernmental Committee on Migration 
ICGEBUNIDO CC Eng. International Centre for Generic Engineering & Biotechnology, Trieste, Italy 
ICITO(ITO) Eng. Interim Commission for ITO 
ICJUN BC Eng. International Court of Justice 
ICMRWHO OC Eng. Indian Council of Medical Research 
ICNFAO OC Eng. International Conference on Nutrition (WHO/FAO)(1992) 
ICOMUNESCO OC Eng International Council of Museums 
ICPD '94UN CON Eng. International Conference on Population and Development (1994) 
ICRISATUN CC Eng. International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics 
ICSCUN BC Eng. International Civil Service Commission 
ICSUWMO CON Eng. International Council of Scientific Unions 
ICTRUN Eng. International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (1995-date) 
ICTYUN Eng. International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (1997-date) 
IDUNG OC Eng. Internal Division 
IDAIBRD CON Eng. International Development Association 
IDEPUN OC Fr. Institute for Economic Development & Planning, Senegal 
IDNDRUNG OC Eng. International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction 
IFADUN BC Eng. International Fund for Agricultural Development 
 IFAD CC Eng. International Fund for Agricultural Development 
IFCIBRD CON Eng. International Finance Corporation 
IFDAUNNY OC Eng. International Foundation of Development Alternatives 
IFECFAO Eng. International Emergency Food Council (1946-47) 
IFORUN OC Eng. Implementation Force, Bosnia & Herzegovinia (1995-96) 
IFRBITU OC Eng. International Frequency Registration Board 
IGCPUNESCO CON Eng. International Geoscience Programme, formerly "International Geological Correlation Programme" 
IGYWMO Eng. International Geophysical Year 
IHTESCAP OC Eng ESCAP/UNIDO International Housing Team ?? 
I.I.A.(FAO) Eng. International Institute of Agriculture 
ILOILO OC Eng. International Labor Organization 
 UN BC Eng. International Labor Organization 
 ILO CON Eng. International Labor Organization 
IMCILO CON Eng. ILO Maritime Preparatory Technical Conference (1945) 
IMCOIMCO OC Eng. Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization 
I.M.D.GATT OC  Unidentified 
IMFUN BC Eng. International Monetary Fund 
 IBRD CON Eng. International Monetary Fund 
IMO(WMO) Eng. International Meteorological Organization (1878-1950) 
 IMO OC Eng. International Maritime Organization 
 UN BC Eng. International Maritime Organization 
Imp. et Dist.ILO RM Fr. Printing and Distribution Service 
IMPR.LON OC Fr. Printing Service 
 UNG OC Fr. Printing Service (Imprimerie) 
INCAPWHO OC Sp. Nutrition Institute of Central America and Panama 
INCBUNV OC Eng. International Narcotics Control Board 
 UN BC Eng. International Narcotics Control Board 
INC/FCCCUN Eng. Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for a Framework Convention on Climate Change 
INCORAFAO OC Sp. Colombian Institute for Agricultural Reform 
INDUN CC Eng. India 
IND.DEV.UNIDO OC Eng. Industrial Development 
INDERUNESCO CON Sp. Cuban National Institute for Sports, Physical Education & Recreation 
INEDUCUNESCO CON Eng. International Education Conference (1970) 
INEMETWMO CON Por. Brazil National Meteorological Institute 
INF.LON OC Fr. Information Section 
 UNG OC Fr. Information Service 
INFOFISHFAO Meter Eng. Inter-Government Organization for Marketing Information and Cooperation Services for Fisheries Products in Asia 
INFOPECHEFAO CC Fr. Inter-Government Organization for Marketing Information and Cooperation Services for Fisheries Products in Africa 
INFOPESCAFAO CC Sp. Inter-Government Organization for Marketing Information and Cooperation Services for Fisheries Products in Latin America 
INFOTERRAUNEP OC Intl. Referral System for Sources of Environmental Information 
INF/PREWHO OC Fr. Information Section, Public Relations and Education 
INF/SDMWHO OC Fr. Information Section, World Health (Journal) 
INIAUN CC Eng. International Institute on Aging, Valletta, Malta 
IN-PROILO OC Sp. Venezuela Institute for Productivity 
INSWHO OC Eng. Insurance Section 
 ICAO OC Eng. Indonesia 
INSTRAWUN BC Eng. International Research & Training Institute for the Advancement of Women 
INT.SERVICEUNG OC Eng. Interpretation Service 
IOBUNG OC Eng. Inter-Organization Board for Information Systems & Related Activities 
IOCUNESCO Eng. Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission 
IPDCUNESCO Eng. International Programme for the Development of Communication 
IPSUNNY OC Eng. International Press Service 
IPTITU OC Fr. Unidentified, Paraguay Project 
IRACWHO CC Eng. International Agency for Research on Cancer 
IRDSUNG OC Fr. UN Research Institute for Social Development 
IROIRO OC Eng. International Refugee Organization 
IRPTC/UNEPUNG OC Eng. International Registry of Potentially Toxic Chemicals, UNEP 
I.S.ILO OC Eng. Internal Service 
ISCCUNG OC Eng. Information Systems Coordination Committee 
ISMUNUNG OC Eng. International Students Movement for the UN (NGO) 
ISUUNNY OC Eng. Information Support Unit 
ITLON OC Fr. Interpretation and Translation Service 
ITCUNG OC Eng. International Trade Centre 
 UN BC Eng. International Trade Centre 
ITC PERS.UNG OC Eng. ITC Personnel Section 
ITLBUN BC Eng. International Trade Law Branch 
ITL/LEGUNV OC Eng. UN Commission on International Trade Law, Legal Section 
ITOITO Eng. International Trade Organization 
I.T.P.UNG OC Eng. UNCTAD, International Trade Programme 
I.T.P.C.UNNY OC Eng. ??, Non-Governmental Liaison Service 
ITR.LON OC Fr. Interpretation, Translation & Writing Service 
 UNG OC Fr. Interpretation, Translation & Writing Service 
ITR.A.LON OC Fr. English Interpretation, Translation & Writing Service 
ITR.FR.LON OC Fr. French Interpretation, Translation & Writing Service 
I.T.T.,W.H.O.WHO OC Eng. Insecticide Testing Team 
ITUUN BC Eng. International Telecommunications Union 
 ITU CON Eng. International Telecommunications Union 
 ITU OC Eng. International Telecommunications Union 
IUGSUNESCO CON Eng. International Union of Geological Sciences 
IUOTO(UNWTO)-CON Eng. International Union of Official Travel Organizations ( 1945-1974) 
IUOTPO(UNWTO) Eng. International Union of Official Tourist Propaganda Organizations (1934-1945) 
IWSEUNG OC  Unidentified 
IYCUNG OC Eng. International Year of the Child 
IYDPUNG OC Eng. International Year of Disabled Persons 
IYFUN CON Eng. International Year of the Family 
IYSHUNG OC Eng. International Year of Shelter for the Homeless 
IYYUN Eng. International Youth Year (1985) 

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