U.N. Abbreviations - M

Abbreviations and Acronyms used on Origin Cachets, Bar Codes, Conference Cancels and Cachets, etc.-

Where used: UNNY-UN New York OC-Origin Cachet Language: Eng.-English Gr.-German
UNG-UN Geneva BC-Bar Code Fr.-French Sp.-Spanish
CC-Corner Card RM-Receiving Mark It.-Italian Por.-Portugese
DM-Dispatching Mark UNV-UN Vienna Sw.-Swedish
LON-League of Nations FF-Free Frank
CON-Conference Cancel or Cachet, etc.

Abbreviation Where Used Language Meaning Image
MAGFAO Eng. Malagasy Republic 
MALUN OC Eng. Malaysia 
MAND.LON OC Fr. Mandates Section 
Mandat.LON OC Fr. Mandates Section 
MATCOMILO OC Eng. ILO Materials & Techniques for Cooperative Management Training, Vienna 
MDPCILO OC Eng. Manpower Development and Productivity Center 
MEANICAO CON Eng. Middle East Air Navigation 
MEFPUN CC Fr. Senegal Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and the Plan 
MGAPFAO CON Sp. Uruguay Ministry of Ranching, Agriculture & Fishing 
MICAHUN Fr. International Civilian Mission in Haiti 
MICTUNIDO CC Sp. Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism 
MIN.LON OC Fr. Minorities Section 
MINUARUN Fr. UN Assistance Mission for Rwanda (1993-96) 
MINUBHUN Fr. UN Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
MINUGUN Fr. UN Observation Mission in Georgia 
MINUGUAUN Fr. UN Mission for the Verification of Human Rights in Guatemala 
MINURCAUN OC Fr. UN Mission in Central African Republic (1998- ) 
MINURSOUN OC Fr. UN Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (1991-date) 
MINUSTAHUN Fr. UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (2004- ) 
MIPONUHUN Fr. UN Civilian Police Mission in Haiti 
MIPRENUCUN Fr. UN Advance Mission in Cambodia (1991-92) 
MLDUN OC Eng Multilateral Diplomacy program, UNITAR 
MLIUN CC Eng. Mali 
MLWUN OC Eng. Malawi 
MONUAUN Port. UN Observer Mission in Angola (1997-99) 
MONUCUN Fr. UN Mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (1999- ) 
MONUORUN Fr. UN Observer Mission Uganda-Rwanda (1993-94) 
MOZUN OC Eng Mozambique 
MULPOCUN CC Eng. Multinational Programming and Operational Centre 

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