U.N. Abbreviations - O

Abbreviations and Acronyms used on Origin Cachets, Bar Codes, Conference Cancels and Cachets, etc.-

Where used: UNNY-UN New York OC-Origin Cachet Language: Eng.-English Gr.-German
UNG-UN Geneva BC-Bar Code Fr.-French Sp.-Spanish
CC-Corner Card RM-Receiving Mark It.-Italian Por.-Portugese
DM-Dispatching Mark UNV-UN Vienna Sw.-Swedish
LON-League of Nations FF-Free Frank
CON-Conference Cancel or Cachet, etc.

Abbreviation Where Used Language Meaning Image
OACIICAO OC Fr. International Civil Aviation Organization 
 ICAO CON Fr. International Civil Aviation Organization 
OASUN CC Eng. Organization of American States 
OAUUN CON Eng. Organization for African Unity 
OCA/PACUNEP OC Eng. Oceans and Coastal Areas Programme Activity Centre 
OCHAUN Eng. UN Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs 
OCMIIMCO CON Sp. Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization 
OCSUNNY OC Eng. Office of Conference Services 
 UN BC Eng. Office of Conference Services 
OEAUN CC Sp. Organization of American States 
OEDUNEP OC Eng. Office of the Executive Director 
OES/MABUNESCO OC Eng. International Environmental and Scientific Affairs/Man and the Biosphere Program 
OFOESAUN BC Eng. Field Operations Division 
OFSUN BC Eng. Office for Financial Services 
OFS/OPPBFUN BC Eng. Office for Financial Services, ?? 
OGSUN BC Eng. Office for General Services 
OGS/DAMUN BC Eng. OGS, Dept.of Administration & Management 
OHRMUN BC Eng. Office of Human Resources Management 
OICSUN OC Fr. International Narcotics Control Board 
OIEFAO CON Fr. International Office of Epizootics 
OIEAIAEA OC Sp. International Atomic Energy Agency 
OILILO CON It. International Labor Organization 
OIMUNG OC Fr. International Organization for Migration 
OIRSAUN CC Sp. International Regional Organization for Agricultural Livestock Health 
OITILO OC Fr. International Labor Organization 
 ILO CON Fr. International Labor Organization 
OLAUN BC Eng. Office for Legal Affairs 
O.M.A.FAO OC Eng. Oman 
OMCWTO DM Fr. World Trade Organization (Organisation Mondiale du Commerce) 
OMIIMO OC Sp. International Maritime Organization 
OMMWMO OC Fr. World Meteorological Organization 
 WMO CON Fr. World Meteorological Organization 
OMM/AGIWMO OC Fr. World Meteorological Organization/International Geophysical Year 
OMPIWIPO OC Fr. World Intellectual Property Organization 
 WIPO RM Fr. World Intellectual Property Organization 
OMSWHO OC Fr. World Health Organization 
 WHO CON Fr. World Health Organization 
OMS/PER/MRAWHO OC Eng. Personnel Section/Manpower Resources Administration 
OMTUNWTO CC Fr., Sp. World Tourism Organization (1974- ) 
 UNWTO CON It. World Tourism Organization (1974- ) 
ONGUNG OC Fr. Non-Governmental Organizations Section 
ONHPVUN CC Fr. National Office for Pasture & Village Water Engineering 
ONUUN OC Fr., Sp. United Nations 
 UN CON Fr., Sp. United Nations 
ONUBUN Fr. UN Operation in Burundi (2004- ) 
ONUCUN Fr. United Nations Operation in the Congo (1960-64) 
ONUCAUN Sp. UN Observer Group in Central America (1989-date) 
ONUCIUN Fr. UN Operations in Cote d'Ivorie 
ONUDIUNIDO OC Fr. United Nations Industrial Development Organization 
 UNIDO CON Fr. United Nations Industrial Development Organization 
ONUMOZUN Fr. UN Operations in Mozambique (1992-94) 
ONUSALUN Sp. UN Observer Mission in El Salvador (1991-95) 
ONUSOMUN Fr. UN Operations in Somalia 
ONUVEHUN Fr. UN Observer Mission for Verification of Elections in Haiti (1990) 
ONUVENUN Sp. UN Observer Mission for Verification of Elections in Nicaragua 
OP.LON OC Fr. Opium Traffic Section 
OPCC.LON OC Fr. Opium Traffic Central Committee 
 UNG OC Fr. Opium Traffic Central Committee 
OPGS/PALUNNY OC Eng. Office of Under Secretary-General for Political and General Assembly Affairs/Division for Palestinian Rights 
OPIUNESCO OC Eng. Office of Public Information 
OPI/COUUNESCO OC  Office of Public Information, UNESCO Courier (Journal) 
OPI/DOCUNESCO OC Eng. Office of Public Infornation, Documents Section 
OPI/PAVUNESCO OC  Office of Public Information, 
OPI/SCUNNY OC Eng. Office of Public Information, Security Council 
OPPBAUNNY BC Eng. Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts 
 UNNY OC Eng. Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Accounts 
OPPBFUN BC Eng. Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Finance 
 UN OC Eng. Office of Programme Planning, Budget and Finance 
OPSUN BC Eng. Office of Personnel Services 
 WHO OC Port. Pan-American Health Organization 
 UNDP CC Eng. Office for Project Services 
OSCEUNIK OC Eng. Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe 
OSGICAO RM Eng. Office of the Secretary General 
OSGAPUN Eng. Office of the Representative of the Secretary-General in Afghanistan and Pakistan (1981-90) 
OSPWHO OC Eng. Office Supplies Procurement 
 UNDP CC Sp. Office for Project Services 
 WHO FF Sp. Pan-American Sanitary Organization (Venezuela) 
OSSECSUN BC Eng. Office for Secretariat Services for Economic & Social Matters 
OST/GBUNG OC Eng. Office for Science and Technology, Geneva Branch 
OTNUN OC Eng. Observer Team in Nigeria (1969-70) 

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