U.N. Abbreviations - P

Abbreviations and Acronyms used on Origin Cachets, Bar Codes, Conference Cancels and Cachets, etc.-

Where used: UNNY-UN New York OC-Origin Cachet Language: Eng.-English Gr.-German
UNG-UN Geneva BC-Bar Code Fr.-French Sp.-Spanish
CC-Corner Card RM-Receiving Mark It.-Italian Por.-Portugese
DM-Dispatching Mark UNV-UN Vienna Sw.-Swedish
LON-League of Nations FF-Free Frank
CON-Conference Cancel or Cachet, etc.

Abbreviation Where Used Language Meaning Image
PAHOWHO OC Eng. Pan-American Health Organization 
PAMWFP CC Fr. World Food Programme 
PATDUN BC Eng. Dept. of Political Affairs, Trusteeship & Decolonization 
PCIJPCIJ Eng. Permanent Court of International Justice 
PCIROIRO Eng. Preparatory Committee, IRO 
PDYICAO OC Eng. Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen 
PENS.LON OC Fr. Pension Fund Secretariat 
 ILO OC Fr. Pension Service 
PERWIPO OC  Personnel Section 
PER/ADMWHO OC Eng. Div. of Personnel, Contract Administration 
PER/GSTWHO OC Eng. Div. of Personnel, General Service Staff 
PER/MPRWHO OC Eng. Div. of Personnel, Manpower Resources Administration 
PER/OMSWHO OC Eng. Personnel Section 
PER/PUNESCO OC Eng. Personnel Section, Professionals 
PER/PRCWHO OC Eng. Div. of Personnel, Professional Candidates 
PER/PRRWHO OC Eng. Div. of Personnel, Personnel Planning and Recruitment 
PERS.GATT OC Eng. Personnel Section 
PERS.DIV.UNG OC Eng. Personnel Division 
PERS/EMROWHO OC Eng. Personnel Section, Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office 
PERS/EUROWHO OC Eng. Personnel Section, European Regional Office 
PERS/OMSWHO OC Fr. Personnel Section 
PERS.SERV.UNG OC Eng. Personnel Service 
PHIUN CC Eng. Philippines 
PIWHO OC Eng. Division of Public Information 
PICAOICAO CON Eng. Provisional ICAO 
PNUDUN OC Fr., Sp., Por. UN Development Programme 
PNUEUN Fr. UN Environment Programme (1972-date) 
PNUMAUN CON Sp. UN Environment Programme 
POL.LON OC Fr. Political Section 
POP.DIV.ESCAP OC Eng. Population Division 
PP02ITU CON Eng. ITU Plenipopotentiary Conference, Marrakech, Morocco, 2002 
PP06ITU CON Eng. ITU Plenipopotentiary Conference, Antalya, Turkey, 2007 
PREALCILO OC Sp. ILO Regional Employment Programme for Latin America and the Caribbean 
PRESICAO RM Eng. President of ICAO Council 
PRINTWHO OC Eng. Printing Section 
PROGRAMMEUNEP OC Eng. Office of Environment Programme 
PROJ CTICAO DM Eng. Project ?? 
PRSUNESCO OC  Sector for General Programmes & Programme Support 
PRSYUN OC Eng. Peoples Republic of South Yemen 
PSCAUN BC Eng. Dept. of Political and Security Council Affairs 
PUBUN BC Eng. Sales Section 
PUB/CPDUNESCO OC Fr. Office of UNESCO Press, Courier & Periodicals Div. 
PUB/C-PROMOUNESCO OC Fr. Office of UNESCO Press, Commercial Services Div, Promotions 
PUB/C-VENTESUNESCO OC Fr. Office of UNESCO Press, Commercial Services Div., Sales 
PUBL.LON OC Fr. Publications Section 
 UNG OC Fr. Publications Section 
PUBL CIJUNG OC Fr. Publications Section, International Court of Justice 
PUBL OMSWHO OC Fr. Publications Section 
PUBS.GATT OC  Publications Section 

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